Welcome to the Pastoral, Social and Activities Team

The Pastoral, Social and Activities Team is at the core of all Oxford Royale Academy programmes, forming the backbone of everything that students do outside of classes. Our focus is on the students themselves – we are the ones who oversee their daily well-being, who make sure they are safe and looked after outside of the classroom during the day – playing sports or doing outdoor activities, or on trips and excursions – and in dormitories during the evenings and nights. We’re not just responsible for the students’ safety and well-being, but also for their enjoyment – it’s up to us to provide them with enduring memories and to make their stay with ORA the trip of a lifetime! The roles in our team are incredibly varied, requiring staff to be friendly, entertaining, authoritative, humorous, or firm and to switch between roles as needed.

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If you join this team you will be responsible for students (and potentially staff too) and you will enjoy all the rewards and challenges that working with young people brings. Browse the roles available below and get in touch with us if you think you have what it takes!

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Junior Dean

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House Dean

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Campus Coordinator

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Programme Director

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