Logistics Support Officer: Role Profile

Logistics Support Officers work behind the scenes to ensure that all of ORA’s services are delivered smoothly and reflect the high standards we strive to attain for our students. They perform a vital role during the summer, supporting our multi-disciplined Operations Department to execute our programme within a very tight time window.

Logistics Support Officers must be proactive, resourceful and able to learn quickly. They join the fast-paced Operations Team at our busiest time and must develop an understanding of the work and their role within it in order to effectively support in the logistics of our delivery. Logistics Support Officers oversee the installation and operation of equipment across our summer sites, drive support vehicles between sites and handle the day-to-day coordination of our storage and distribution centre. On top of their core duties, they assist with a range of support services across the organisation.

The successful candidate must be able to work dynamically and with precision, ensuring that all tasks are completed accurately and to our high standards. Some experience of event-management or delivery is preferable. Given the nature of the work, they will often face spontaneous challenges so must be willing to work flexibly and with a ‘can-do’ attitude when faced with setbacks.

Why become a Logistics Support Officer?

There are few seasonal jobs that offer the variety of experience and the level of responsibility which Logistics Support Officers take on. The role offers a valuable summer experience in the heart of a multi-faceted operations department for anyone who is looking for a first step into the field of logistics work. Staff will become an integral part of our central operations team and support all aspects of the summer school delivery, gaining experience of contingency planning, fleet maintenance, project management and event delivery. All new staff will be given training qualifications which they can take with them into future work.

We encourage each member of staff to build their personal skills and interests over the course of their summer to help add value to our coordinated team effort. Working to deliver a busy and demanding project, as part of a passionate and energetic team creates an unforgettable summer experience.

What skills do you need?

  • Willing to work long hours when necessary
  • Enjoy the challenge of working in a dynamic environment
  • Take personal pride in a supporting service
  • Positive approach to problem solving
  • Invest in a team effort

Current Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies.