Operations Officer: Role Profile

The Operations Officer will support the operations team in the preparation of the summer school. Working across all operations areas, the Operations Officer will provide administrative support in the months leading up to the summer, before taking ownership of specific projects to lead during the delivery period.

The Operations Officer will be providing flexible support across the matrix of the operational department, including logistics, academic, extra-curricular and training & welfare. They will be involved in all aspects of administration for the preparation of the summer school and enable the delivery of a specific project during the summer school. As well as acting as a key point of contact for summer staff and actively participate in troubleshooting as issues arise.

Why become an Operations Officer?

This role offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable Operations and Logistics experience and would suit perfectly someone interested in going into that profession. Training will be provided in first-aid, manual-handling and other areas of risk-assessment and event-implementation. Being part of an exciting team taking on a challenging and fast-paced role will provide the set up for a superb summer.

What skills do you need?

  • Hard working and creative
  • Plenty of common sense and a practical mindset
  • An excellent communicator
  • The ability to see a task through to completion

Current Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies.