Welcome to the Course Development Team

For all of the additional extras – the sports, parties, events and excursions – Oxford Royale Academy is, above all else, an academic course provider. Each course needs designing – encompassing everything from the creation of the initial concept to planning the syllabus – and subsequently developing – which involves the creation of textbooks, worksheets, source material, teacher guides and much more. After that, courses need updating and refining year on year to ensure they’re always of the highest standard. It requires a dedicated team with the creative spark required to come up with new ideas, the academic ability required to deal with material across a broad range of subjects, the communication skills to liaise with specialist academics in the production of material, the vision to turn an idea into reality and the ability to work methodically to ensure content is robust and presentation is of the highest standard.

See what’s available in the Course Development Team by checking the vacancies below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Staff Testimonial

Tom Whale


The best things about working in the head office team at Oxford Royale Academy are the dynamic nature of the work and the supportive office environment in which that work takes place.

Oxford Royale Academy has grown significantly in recent years, including the addition of year-round study at our International Study Centre and online courses via oraprep.com, as well as the rapid increase in the size of our Oxford Summer School. This has created countless opportunities for creative, dedicated staff to build their skill set whilst contributing to an ambitious company.

It is a pleasure to come to the office every day and work alongside so many bright, talented individuals, to develop and market products and services that everyone is fully bought into.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend applying for a job with ORA.